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Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

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Plymouth Whitemarsh Athletic Department Overview

Updated on 02/11/2024

Section 1.01 Colonial School District – Athletic Mission

  • The Colonial School District's mission is to provide a stimulating learning environment, which provides quality educational opportunities for all students. In addition, the Colonial School District's interscholastic athletic program is an extension of the classroom and an essential component of the educational experience. The programs will challenge each involved student to achieve his or her personal best, pursue competitive excellence, and to be a contributing team member and responsible citizen by providing varied opportunities, quality facilities, resources, and staff in partnership with parents and a developing community rich in tradition.


Section 1.02 Colonial School District - Educational Outcomes of the Interscholastic Athletic Program                                                            

a. Promotion of Learning: Students should acquire new knowledge or skills that will lead to long-term behavior changes. This learning is not limited to the development of physical skills and should also facilitate the social, personal, and psychological development of each student. 

b. Citizenship: Students should acquire knowledge, attitudes, experience, and skills that will prepare them to be a productive and responsible member of society. 

c. Sportsmanship: Students should learn respect and concern for rules and officials, opponents, and the spirit and customs of the sport. 

d. Healthy Lifestyle: Students should become committed to an addiction-free, physically active, and long-term healthy lifestyle. 

e. Life Skills: Students should learn how to balance their life, emotional well-being, leadership, personal growth, and decision-making skills.


Section 1.03 Colonial School District – Athletic Program Goals

a. Increase the skill, fitness, and knowledge level of each student participating in a sport. 

b. Create a positive environment that promotes team, responsibility, character, and leadership.

c. Develop a strong relationship with our community as a whole. 

d. Promote our athletic program by encouraging student-athletes to compete in multiple sports.

e. Develop a comprehensive strength-training plan that utilizes consistent core lifts, like terminology, and sports specific auxiliary lifts.


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